Affiliate Program

Join Closet Hustle's Affiliate Program!

We are very excited to announce our new Affiliate Program specifically for our Graphic T-Shirts! As a growing brand we want to partner with hard working influencers to help promote our store. We are searching for anyone who has a strong social media presence and are willing to promote our products on your page. Social media accounts of all sizes are encouraged to apply!


Why be a Closet Hustle Affiliate?

  • Commission: You earn $2.00 per Graphic T-shirt sold using your link. Payable through Paypal. Payments made once a month.

  • Free Products: You receive one free shirt a month.

  • Shareable discounts: You'll also receive a personalized shareable 10% discount code for you to share with your friends, family and followers to use. Discounts are valid on all items on our website with no limits as to how often they can be used. 

What we expect from our Affiliates

  • Post, post, post: Once accepted into our program you will be given your discount codes to start sharing immediately. Post pictures, reels, tiktoks, etc. of your purchases or the free items, but you are also free to share our posts as well. Announce our sales or just post some of your favorite items in our store. We love seeing your original content and we will help you hit your earning goals by reposting it as well!

  • Posts must include: A tag to our page @closethustle and your shareable discount code. Feel free to use whatever filters you'd like, but please no blurry pictures and do your best not to change the colors of the shirts.

  • Purchases: We do not require you to make any purchases ever. As long as your content is generating sales you will receive a free shirt every month, shipping included.

  • 30 Day Contracts: Affiliate accounts will be reviewed every month to make sure your social media accounts are still a good fit for our brand and that you are driving sales. If the above guidelines are not followed or you are not generating sales, your account will be deactivated. 

How to apply

  • By applying you are agreeing to all terms and conditions stated above.

  • Follow our Social Media pages on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

  • Applications will be reviewed within 5 business days so keep an eye on your email!